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Turkey Toads


Kleenex was called “Celluwipes” when first introduced in 1924.

There are 11 points on the leaf on the Canadian flag.

Montgomery Waed’s first catalog was printed in 1872- on one sheet of paper.

Ray Charles dropped his last name, Robinson, to avoid confusion with boxer Sugar Ray Robinson.

the words loosen and unloosen mean the same thing.

Almost half the bones in your body are found in the hands and feet.

Istanbul, Turkey is in two continents-Europe and Asia.

Toads do not have teeth.

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Music News

Jethro Tull is not the name of the rock singer/flautist responsible for such songs as “Aqualung” and “Thick as a Brick”. Jethro Tull is the name of normal_fifties_jukeboxthe band. The singer is Ian Anderson. The original Jethro Tull was an English horticulturalist who invented the seed drill.

In the early days of silent films, there was blatant thievery. Unscrupulous film companies would steal the film print, reshoot a scene or two, and release it as a new production. To combat this, the Biograph company put the company’s trademark initials AB somewhere in every scene — on a door, a wall, or window.

Ever think you’re hearing something in a song, but they’re really singing something else? The word for mis-heard lyrics is ‘mondegreen,’ and it comes from a folk song in the ’50’s. The singer was actually singing “They slew the Earl of Morray and laid him on the green,” but this came off sounding like ‘They slew the Earl of Morray and Lady Mondegreen.’

The 80s song “Rosanna” from the Eighties was written about Rosanna Arquette, the actress.

Compact discs read from the inside to the outside edge, the reverse of how a record works.

The only member of the band ZZ Top to not have a beard has the last name Beard.

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Smashed To Death By Love

The most played song on American radio during the twentieth century was You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling which was written by Barry Mann, Phil Spector, and Cynthia Weil.  Although recorded by different artists, the song is the only one in history to be played over 8 million times on the radio. That amounts to about 45 years if the song was played back to back!  Three songs were played 7 million times: Never My Love, Yesterday, and Stand By Me


Charles Lindbergh achieved great fame for being the first man to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean.  What most people don’t know, however, is that two men had achieved the same goal eight years earlier!   Flying for sixteen and a half hours from June 14 to June 15, 1919, Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Whitten-Brown had copiloted a Vichers-Vimy twin-engine plane nonstop from Newfoundland across the Atlantic to Ireland.    Lindbergh was just the first person to do it alone.

Way back on August 13, 1903, police entered the Liverpool, England home of William and Emily Shortis.  Worried friends had contacted the authorities because the couple had not been seen for several days prior.  There they found William near death.  Oddly, he was pinned under the dead body of his 224 pound wife.  Did she die during a moment of passion?  Not at all.  The coroner concluded that William was following Emily up the stairs of their home when she lost her balance and tumbled down the steps, pulling him down with her.  Emily immediately died from a blow to the head, trapping William under her body for over three days.  Sadly, William did not survive his injuries, either.

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